Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warning: Drawings of Nekked People!

Last night was my second time attending Draw Mania! Draw Mania is a monthly drawing event which features live nude and partially nude models. These events have, so far, been my favorite figure drawing sessions. The atmosphere is really laid back and free form. Draw Mania is located in the back room of this cool little Tiki Bar on 14th st. There is a small stage where 4-5 models do their own thing for 15-30 minute blocks of time over the course of 4 hours. Some of the models will do one pose for the whole block of time and others will switch poses or move as they feel throughout. There is a DJ and drinks. And in between poses there are 10-15 minute performances by local comedians, dancers, musicians, and storytellers. Last night I watched a dancer pierce herself with needles! It's really an event like I had never previously seen. 

Last night there were six or seven different models posing throughout the night. Below are some of the drawings I did. They range from 30 second drawings to 10 minute drawings. Some of the images are pretty large so if you want to view them at full size just right click and view image in separate tab or window. Enjoy! 

Some of the quicker drawings: 30 seconds - 2 minutes

A little bit longer poses: 3-8 minutes maybe? 

I think these last two are my favorites: around 10 minutes maybe?

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