Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TL;DR Stuff I Made for Mother's Day and Some Birthdays

So last week I didn't really post anything of substance. I was busy working on some personal projects. Since they are now done and have been received by the people I sent them too, I can post them here! With out further ado, my first project.

My sister called me last December and asked if I could do a series of paintings for her newborn son's bedroom. He wasn't due 'til April, so I put the project off for a while. And then when he was finally born, I realized that I still hadn't a clue what to paint. Anyways, a week and a half ago, I had an idea and decided it would be a perfect mother's day/happy being born day for my sister and nephew. The idea was to do a cartoon-y looking animal drawing for every letter in his first name. My sister didn't make it easy though. See for yourself.

Sketches of some of my ideas.

 Thumbnails of the final ideas.

Photo of the final paintings (sorry I forgot to take pics of the whole process).

 All of them together after being scanned in.

The other project I worked on was creating mother's day cards for all my sisters, moms, and grandma. Also, since I was sending my new nephew and sister something I decided to also make a card for my brother-in-law whose birthday was on mother's day and their other son whose birthday was just a couple weeks ago. I'm just the worst aunt. 

 All the cards together.

Close up of the card for my mother-in-law to be. Which is a very similar design to the one for card for my mother. The main difference is that on my mom's card I'm waving and on my mother-in-law's card, John is waving. Also the text on my mother's card is green (my favorite color) and on my mother-in-law's card it's blue (John's favorite color).

Cards for my sister-in-laws to be. They both have two kids, which is why they both have two bees. Jenny has twins, which is why they are the same size flying in the same pattern. I didn't really expect anybody to get that, but I thought it was kinda cute, right?

How I signed the card for my brother's fiance, the mother of my other nephew.

My nephew's birthday card.

This might be my favorite of the cards. This is the birthday card for my brother-in-law.

Close up of the drawing on the front of my sister's mother's day card. Celebrating the birth of her new son.

I just realized that this is all probably way more information than anyone cares about. Welp, too late, I already typed it out and you already read it all.

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