Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holiday Card and stuff

Happy New Year! I know I shouldn't get excited about a new year. It's just another day and the date doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, however I just have a good feeling about this year. I haven't felt this optimistic about anything in a long time, so I suppose that's why I'm clinging to it so dearly. Anyways, 2014, we'll see. 

First off, did you notice the new banner? 
I finally get to retire this old thing. ↓ (I had to dig deep to find this original file).

I also just got new business cards with the same image (as my new header). So I finally get to retire these old bad boys with their old, ridiculously long website url.

So, new year, new stuff. So, here's some old stuff I did last year! The holidays are over and most everybody who was gonna get a holiday card got their holiday card. So here's a little behind the scenes of how it was created. Previous year's cards: 2012 2011 (apparently I've never posted my ones from before before 2011. It's alright my mom has all of them hanging up in her living room to see year round).

A very rough sketch of my idea.

A process shot of me inking the final sketch (the tea is a very important part of the process).

Inked, yay!

Colored the snowflake.

More coloring in process.

The final inked image.

Final. I added some Holiday (Photoshop) magic!

So yeah. I can't think of a clever transition for this. Here are some more RedditGetsDrawn pics I did. I've decided this time to just link to the original forums instead of posting the actual pictures on my blog. So if you click on the descriptions it will link you to the original thread.

So, it's a new year. I'll be posting some more stuff real soon. Comics stuff! I know it's been a while since I've posted any comics. I'll be compiling a lot of my old comics and drawing some new comics, since I've decided to register as an exhibitor for MoCCA Fest this year! That's exciting news. So, there's some stuff to look forward to. Alright, I think I'm done typing now.