Saturday, April 28, 2012

MoCCA Fest!

I spent the day today at MoCCA Fest. For those not in the know, MoCCA Fest is the annual fundraiser for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. It's a cool comic convention where both amateur and veteran comic artists meet and show off and sell their wares. I had an awesome time checking out everybody's work and chatting with a couple of cool artists. Below are some pictures of the cool swag I walked away with.

The top part of this picture is all the free stuff I got: business cards, postcards, a couple of books and zines and even some pens! 

Here's a closer look at some of the stuff I purchased. Some was as low as $1! There were so many amazing artists, and I wish I could have bought more stuff. But alas, I am poor. I even told Liz Prince that I wanted to buy all her comics, but I didn't have enough money. She said that's what all of her fans say. 
After doing a quick count it turns out that of all the stuff I purchased, it is exactly split, half female artists and half male. I suppose it doesn't matter that much, but it was cool to see a lot of women representing!

 (Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, I took them with my phone.)

While at the fest I also participated in a cool little function known as Dare to Draw. It's a live model drawing challenge specifically for comics artists. I didn't win any of the challenges, but I kinda liked some of the quick sketches I did. Enjoy!

The models held action props like swords and guns and stuff.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I drew this picture of a lady yawning in my sketchbook. The whole time I was drawing it I could not stop yawing. I'm yawning even now, just writing about it. Enjoy!

Another little sketch.

Some more Snuggly John! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snuggly John

Just a quick sketch of John as a rag doll. That's it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ride the Panda!

Rough Drawing 




Final version after some touch-ups in Photoshop

So I actually drew and inked this piece entirely while sitting on my futon! I was a little too lazy to clean off my desk today. However, I actually do quite a bit of my work while sitting on my bed or futon. Growing up I never had a desk or space to draw, so up 'til around my junior year in high school I did all of my drawing while sitting on my bed or the couch. I guess I just kinda got used to it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Year In Review

Today it has been exactly a year since the last time I have updated my blog. Much has changed in the past year and you will agree that I have many excuses for not updating sooner. Okay, maybe not that many. Okay, so there is no real reason that I've not updated sooner aside from my own laziness. But I suppose better late than never. Plus, since I've waited a whole year exactly, it makes it feel all dramatic and shit. Anyways, without further ado, my year in review...

So we moved into this cool new place in Lincoln Square (Chicago).

Four months later we moved out.

And by September we were living in New York City!

We live in this tiny room in some man's house in Jamaica, Queens.

I have to put on pants to walk to the bathroom.

In October I got appendicitis and had to get my appendix taken out.

I started drawing a daily comic in the beginning of 2012.
Most of them were about how I wanted to quit my job or how tired I was.

So I stopped after two and a half months.

And just this past week I quit my job at Target...

Or so I thought. I don't really feel like telling the whole story here, but basically they begged me to stay. So now I'll only be working two days a week and no more 4 am shifts. I'll have a set schedule so I can work on my art more and start looking for other jobs. Thanks Target!

Here's the Christmas card I made and sent out this past year.

This is the rough sketch from my sketch book.

The inked version.

Painting the floor.

Finished painting.

Final version after a couple edits in Photoshop.

And now a couple sketches. Nothing special.

And of course a naked chick. Of course.

So there you are. That's basically what I've been up to since April 15, 2011. I have some exciting things coming up. I don't want to post anything about it just yet, but I have a project I'm starting work on, plus I'll be working on my portfolio full time for the next two weeks before I start working again. You'll see me soon. I promise. For realsies this time.