Saturday, January 30, 2016

Holiday Card 2015

The holiday season is over. I guess it has been for a few weeks. But by now even the really lazy people should have taken down decorations and all that (says the lady who has her "Happy Halloween" decorations still up on her door). Anyway, here is 2015's holiday card. I wish I was on a beach somewhere warm right now.

 One of my first rough concept sketches (John in a bikini)

Rough sketch. I kind of liked the look of this one (turns out John didn't like the bikini part)



Warm wishes.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Another Sketchy Magee Over and a New One Just Begun

2015 was an emotional year. There was so much new and fun and exciting and a lot of sad and frustrating and tedious. I started out the year pretty strong. I felt motivated and optimistic. Motivation slowly dwindled and obligations got in the way. There were times I wanted to put pen or pencil to paper, but I couldn't. I was too tired or sad or busy. There are places in this sketchbook where consecutive pages are weeks or even months apart. Christmas is over and New Years is over and for better or worse things are starting to go back to "normal". I forced my self to power through the last three pages of this book, that had been empty for over a month, so I could call it a day on Sketchy Magee before the New Year. It felt nice. I get anxiety when I haven't drawn in a while and the longer it is the more nervous I feel about what might happen when I finally start to scribble. Maybe I've forgotten how to draw and maybe it'll all be crap. But then I do. And it's fine. It's all still there. Right where I left it. 

So here are some bits from Sketchy Magee.

Some scribbles

Some comic ideas I never finished

Lots of naked women in weird poses

Lots of women with clothes on as well

(John wanted me to include this sketch with the randomly written "Nuttiness" on top)

Lots of goofy drawings of myself

(I hope my aunt thinks I did justice to the awesome slippers she made me in this drawing)
(Also this is the sweater my Ma got me for Christmas 2014)
(Also boobies)

And also, John and pugs

A new year and a new sketchbook. Wish me luck.