Friday, July 13, 2018

Live, From Chicago, It's The Northside Comic Artists Kickstarter!

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but earlier this week the Kickstarter for Northside Comic Artists' newest anthology launched. I've been a member of the collective for almost a year and a half now. They are a group of awesome artists and writers from the Chicago area who get together and make comics. Over the years they've published four anthologies with different themes. And now the fifth anthology "Memories" is being funded on Kickstarter. Along with the "Memories" they are also hoping to fund the printing of a complete collection of all the anthologies in one book called "Northside Comics Volume 1". 

I'll have two comics in this collection: "The Definition of Mis·ad·ven·ture" a story I wrote/drew for "Misadventure" and "Bound" a story I wrote/drew for "Memories".

If you are reading this I hope you consider helping us back this project. It would be so awesome to see all of the creators who have worked with Northside Comic Artists over the years collected in one book. 

Lastly, if you have been wanting copies of "No Pants Revolution" 1, 2 and or 3 and my "Mito and Me" kids comic, then you are in luck. If you back the "Andrea Pearson- Creator Pack" level of the Kickstarter, you will receive a copy of "Northside Comics Volume 1" along with copies of "No Pants Revolution" 1, 2 and 3; "Mito and Me" 1 and 2; as well as some cool "Mito and Me" stickers for only $50! 

Thanks for reading. Click here to contribute!

If you want to learn more about this Northside Comic Artists, this book we're Kickstarting and the creators involved, check out I will be updating their blog everyday of the Kickstarter with info about our awesome creators and some of the cool events we will be attending over the next month. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I've Heard of Cake at Table, but Table at Cake?

That's right! My No Pants and I will be making our CAKE debut Sunday, June 3rd. I've had the honor of being picked to be a part of CAKE's First Slice table for up and coming comic artists. I'm very excited. I'll have copies of all my No Pants books, Mito and Me as well as original art and stickers. If you're in the city, swing by and say hey!

Last weekend I tabled at Chicago Zinefest. It was such a great show! Thank you to everyone who came out to see me and bought books. Anyone who has read No Pants Revolution 3 knows that it is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It means a lot to me when people pick it up and chuckle or point to things to which they can relate.

Me lookin' like a goof at Chicago Zinefest.

I put together a sketchbook zine for the Northside Comic Artist table at Zinefest. It is a NSC exclusive, limited release. Only 13 copies were printed and it will only be available at conventions where the Northside Comic Artists are tabling (so I will not have it at CAKE). To find out when and where the Northside Comic Artists will be tabling check their schedule here. Below I posted a bit a sneak peek at some of the illustrations inside.

A collection of my favorite characters in fun outfits.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Mito and Me and Other Announcements!

Hey Guys! I just finished the short comic Mito and Me No. 2! I bet you are wondering how you can get your hands on a copy. Well, you are in luck! The artist collective that I am a part of, Northside Comic Artists, is tabling this weekend, March 10, at Schaumburg Comic Con. Mito and Me No.2 is a part of our group's second volume of Northside Comix, an anthology of children and family friendly short comics. 

Isn't it so pretty! Cover art by Stuart Marsh


I'll also be printing up copies for sale with Mito and Me No.1 at other upcoming conventions.

Speaking of other conventions, I am tabling at Chicago Zine Fest on May 19, which I mentioned in my last blog post. Also, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, I am tabling at CAKE on Sunday, June 3rd as part of their First Slice Table! I am super excited for this. CAKE is an awesome Chicago alternative comics convention and it is an honor to be asked to join their First Slice table for up-and-coming Chicago comic artists.

So, put those dates on your calenders, because I have a lot of fun stuff coming out in the next few months. I'm working on No Pants Revolution 3, a new short story for the Northside Comic Artists' upcoming anthology and a small sketchbook zine with some cool process art for Zine Fest. 

Also follow me on Instagram @Saturn2169 and Twitter @Saturn2169 for more day to day updates, sneak peeks and other sketchyness. Also follow Northside Comic Artists on their website, Instagram @NorthsideComicArtists, Twitter @NSComicArtists and sign up for the newsletter.

Mini Bonus: Emprical Brewery on Foster will be having an unveiling party this Saturday March 10 for a mural I, along with other members of the Northside Comic Artists, worked on. Unfortunately the event is sold out, but the mural will be on display outside of the brewery for all to see everyday after. So check it out next time you are in the neighborhood. 
Process shot painting the mural. Mural design by Tyrell Cannon

Monday, January 29, 2018

What Year Is It?

Before it gets to be February, I thought I had better post last year's holiday card. Below are some concept scribbles and process shots of the holiday card I illustrated last year. As always, it is absolutely free to subscribe to our yearly holiday card. Just private message me your address on Facebook and you'll be added to the list. Hope you are having a great New Year!






Finally nailed a drawing I liked.


Process shot:coloring the pineapple.

Finally painted.

Final card. Text and snowflakes courtesy of photoshop.

B-b-b-Bonus! While I have you here, I just wanted to let you know that I will be tabling again this year at Chicago Zine Fest. Hopefully I'll have No Pants part 3 done by then. But more on that later. Mark you calendars May 19, 2018.

Lastly, for more consistent art posts and news follow me on instgram @Saturn2169 and twitter also @Saturn2169.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sketchy Magee Dump

Oh, hey. Haven't seen you in a while. Welcome back for another Sketchy Magee sketchbook sketch dump. I've been a bit busy this year... which is a good thing! Since graduating college it generally takes me a little over a year on average to fill up my regular sketchbooks. This one took a little over seven months. I still don't draw everyday, like I should, but I've been doing a lot better and feel like I've been getting a lot better. So below are some pictures I took from my sketchbook to show off some of the work I've been doing. Enjoy!

These are some character sketches from "Air Aunties" the short comic I illustrated for the Ladies Night Anthology "Sisters".

Here are a couple other sketches from various projects I worked on over the past year.

I spent a lot of time at the beach this summer, so there were quite a few beach sketches.

I've been a fan of r/RedditGetsDrawn for a while. Whenever I don't know what to draw or need to do some warm up sketches I generally turn to that subreddit. Below are some of those sketches. Some of which I posted, some I did not. These are all drawings of user submitted photos.

Doodled quite a few of my favorite characters.

And of course here are few other miscellaneous sketches that I enjoy.

Not sure what is going on here...

ughhh... You're gonna have to ask John about this.

C'mon now, you know I wasn't gonna leave you hanging without some embarrassing self portraits.

Me marveling at the magnificence of my boobs in this bridesmaid's dress.

And one of my favorites from the Rogers Park Wine Stroll.

Wow. Wasn't that great. We all had fun today. Wait, what's that? You wanna know how you can have a little piece of Andrea art. Well, you're in luck. I'm getting ready to send out this year's holiday card and you can have one for free! That's right, just private message me your address on Facebook and you will be added to the Zidek Family holiday card list. This is my ninth year designing holiday cards to send out to friends and family and now is as good of a time as ever to add your name to the list! 

What's that? You wanna know how you can get a hold of one of my comics. You're in luck with that as well, because I have BONUS NEWS!!!

This year I tabled at two conventions, got comics published in two anthologies and finished my second issue of No Pants Revolution "No Pants 2: The Revolution Continues". So how am I gonna ruin that perfect even number of two? I'm tabling at one more convention before the year is out. Say what? Come see me on December 16th at Pocket Con at the Chicago Cultural Center! I'll be selling copies of "Mito and Me", "No Pants Revolution" 1 and 2, as well as the Ladies Night Anthology "Sisters" and the Northside Comic Artists anthology "Misadventure" which feature comics drawn by me. I will also be selling stickers and original artwork. So if you're in the Chicago area, come check me out. This event is family friendly and will also feature goodie bags and events that are child friendly. Click on image for more information.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Live, From Chicago, It's The Ladies Night Anthology Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter for the Ladies Night Anthology comic "Sisters" is now live! Me and @kaiawrites and 22 other awesome women have been working on writing and drawing comics for this book. If you love my work, please consider supporting me and these other artists who have been working so hard:

Here are a couple process shots of the story I've been working on. 

So, on top of that, I have also been working on a short comic for the Northside Comic Artists anthology "Misadventure". I'll let yous guys know more about that when I get more info about the release. Here are a couple process pics from that. 

For some reason I just posted all the images where you can see my bra. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've been busy, busy, busy. I've got a couple of other comic and illustration projects in the oven right now, I'm posting daily drawings for #stickathon2017 on my instagram and twitter, and I'm filling up my sketchbook in record time this year. I'll post more about all that stuff soon. Enjoy!