Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mildly Interesting Coincidence

Quick story. So, last week John received a notice of delivery for a package in the mail. He went the next day to the post office to pick up the package. The postal worker regretted to inform him that they could not find his package and he went home empty handed. Now, neither of us had been expecting a package and have not ordered anything online in quite some time. However, we frequently get small packages from John's sister in the form of free samples that she signs us up for online. We figured it was probably just another free razor or fabric softener or something like that and just said "forget it". It wasn't worth the trouble of fighting the post office over some free sample we hadn't even really asked for. So, fast forward to this week Wednesday. Mail comes and John receives another package delivery notice, this time stamped "Final Notice". Still thinking it was nothing we didn't pay much attention to it. Thursday both John and I had off of work and decided to make a little day of it. We were gonna grab a bite to eat and finally go see Monsters University in the theaters. We had to run to the bank on the way and decided to stop by the post office too, just because it was on the way. Why not. So, John goes to pick up the package while I run to the bank. I meet John back at the post office. I noticed that John had ripped a small tear in the package and is smiling. So I ask him what's in the package. He hands me the package and says "Merry Christmas". I open it up and I couldn't believe it... it was The Art of Monsters Inc book. 

John explained that he bought this for me for Christmas from Amazon. According to Amazon it shipped the 12th of December. When it didn't come in by New Years John messaged Amazon and they said it must have been lost in the mail and gave John a full refund for the book. John had mentioned to me several times in December that he was still waiting for my last Christmas gift. After messaging Amazon in January, he told me that I would never be getting that extra gift after all, but never told me what it was. We both forgot about it after that. Then, unbeknownst to both of us, the package ends up being delivered to us and we picked it up on our way to go see Monsters University. Interesting coincidence.

To add slightly to this coincidence... On Wednesday, the day before we picked up the book, I heard some song playing that reminded me of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas". I started to sing the Christmas tune, despite hating Christmas. I told John that my jolliness might be stemming from the idea of Christmas in July, a holiday we don't actually recognize. 

Wow, if anybody actually read this, they must be pretty bored. 

 Here it is in all its glory!


So I've actually been in full wedding planning mode and haven't had much time to draw, but here is a little sketch I did on the envelope for John and my twin nieces' birthday. They like ponies. John insisted that I draw us in My Little Pony style. I'll probably regret posting this. Either way, enjoy!