Monday, May 21, 2012


So, back when I thought I was going to quit my job, a coworker of mine decided to get me a little parting gift. She wasn't sure what kind of art supplies I used so she got me a sketchbook, some pencils and a couple of markers. The markers she got were especially interesting. They are Sharpie paint markers. Anyways as a gift to her, I decided to do a little painting just for her using two of the colored markers. One was a metallic green and the other was a sparkly orange.

Initial sketch.

Final pencils.


Putting in the background.

I did some rough color inks before I laid down the final colors for the dress and shoes with the markers.


Below are some detail pictures so you can see the shininess of the metallic green and the sparkles in the orange.  

These are the markers I was talking about in case anyone was interested.

Thanks Alexandria!

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