Saturday, April 8, 2017

Au Revoir Sketchy Magee and Hello Chicago Zine Fest!

Earlier this week I finished up another sketchbook. I feel like I definitely grew a lot in this book. There was lots of fun stuff and a lot of comics ideas and thumbnails that I'm working on putting together for "No Pants Revolution Part 2". I didn't post any of my comics stuff but below you can see some of the other fun stuff I sketched.

Lots of ladies (surprisingly clothed)

A ton of embarrassing self portraits

Several drawings of people (mostly portraits) courtesy of r/redditgetsdrawn

So much fan art
(Wonder Woman)


(Amethyst, Ariel, Batgirl)

And some other fun stuff like this naked lady popping out of the water

This weird lady

And slightly less embarrassing self portaits. 


So, next month (May 6th) I will be tabling at Chicago Zine Fest. I'm finishing up the last bits of "No Pants Revolution Part 2" and will have that for sale along with some other fun stuff. So come fuck with me!

Poster art by Mike Centeno

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