Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Time

I was at the park today and watching all the families walking along reminded me of me and my family walking around parks and the Chicago lake front as a kid. So that inspired this piece. Below I've posted all the iteration of the making of this piece. Enjoy!

Rough sketch drawn at the park. I roughly outlined my original lines in Photoshop since it was hard to see.

Roughing out more details before I start the final drawing.



Final colored inks with some touch ups in Photoshop.

I guess I'll say a few more words. I actually don't like drawing characters of my family much, because I'm always afraid I'll get them wrong. So apologies to my family. I have very fond memories of all the trips to the parks we made growing up. I don't want this to get all emotional, so I'm done saying words now.

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