Friday, April 4, 2014

Getting Ready For My First Comic Convention: MoCCA Fest 2014

MoCCA Fest 2014 starts tomorrow and it will be an historic event as it will be the first ever comic convention that I table in. Okay, it's not as great as all that, but I am super excited. It will be the first time I am able to show off all my comics art to a large audience. I've got two books I put together just for MoCCA. The first is a "kid's" comic called Mito and Me about a young panda whose imaginary friend teaches him about the amazingness that is comic books. The second is No Pants Revolution a collection of journal comics mostly from 2012 when I took a stab at drawing daily journal comics.

Here they are in all their glory!

Cover of Mito and Me #1

Mito and Me was an idea I came up with in December. It originally started out as a story about a grown woman whose only friend was an imaginary stuffed panda. And as deliciously sad as that all sounds, I decided the story might be a little funnier and ultimately more interesting if I made it about a nerdy boy panda that has a snarky grown woman as an imaginary friend. Time will tell I suppose.

Behind the scenes look at the inking of one of the pages inspired by Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

Materials used:
300 series Strathmore bristol board with smooth surface

Carmine red Col-Erase pencil and eraser for the original art

Windsor and Newton black ink with the spider on the front, trusty nib for the lines, size one synthetic brush to fill in the blacks, and a handful of microns for lettering and small details.

Cover of No Pants Revolution

You may have noticed that the cover for No Pants Revolution is extremely similar to this illustration I did back in 2012. I felt like this image and phrase really captured the essence of my book as well as my whole state of mind in 2012, so I did a quick redesign for the cover.

I had over six months of daily journal comics to sift through and needless to say not everything made it through into the book. Below are a few gems that ended up on the cutting room floor.

This one about my obsession with blueberries (wonder how that didn't make it).

Any comic where I dance (that shit's just embarrassing).

I actually kinda like this one.

There's only so many drunk comics I can add before it starts to look like I have a problem.

So tomorrow and Sunday, if you're in NYC come see me and Garibaldi at table E18!

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