Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tea Infused Vodka

So I recently got the idea from browsing reddit.com's r/tea and r/vodka to make some fancy, delicious tea infused vodka. This is not a new idea and I am certainly not the first to try it, but here is my attempt at it.

I started off with a medium/low quality vodka (Svedka, because it was cheap), something not too high shelf to ruin a good vodka, but something a little better than burning fire water. I'd probably use a slightly better vodka if I were going to drink it straight, but I will most likely just use it for tea inspired cocktails. I split the 750 ml bottle of vodka into three mason jars, so I could try three different types of infusions. Then I found the three teas that I would use to infuse the vodka: Higher Living's Hibiscus Bliss, Argo Tea's Strawberry Green Tea blend, and Harney and Son's Hot Cinnamon Sunset.

I used 4 teabags of Hibiscus Bliss and infused for 24 hours.

I used 3 tablespoons of Strawberry Green Tea and 4 strawberries cut up. I infused for 4 hours, strained the tea out, cut up 6 more strawberries and infused for 20 more hours. 

I used 2 teabags of the Hot Cinnamon Sunset and infused for 24 hours.

After 24 hours I used a fine mesh strainer to filter any tea or fruit particles out of the vodka. Now the vodka is delicious and ready to drink.

Super fine mesh strainer.

Final vodkas: Hot Cinnamon Sunset, Strawberry Green Tea and Hibiscus Bliss.

 After they were finished I test tasted each one. The tea doesn't mask the taste of the vodka, but gives it a fresh tea flavor perfect for tea inspired cocktails! My favorite after the original test is probably the Hot Cinnamon Sunset, but all of them are quite tasty. I'm still trying to come up with some good ideas for cocktails. I will be sure to update when I do. Enjoy!

For those who come to see my drawrings, here's a bonus post of the original sketch and final line drawing for my husband's birthday card I made this past week. Happy 26 baby!


R said...

What a cool idea! I've seen drink recipes done with alcohol but never infused. Awesome, I hope you enjoy!



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