Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Comics, Rock and Roll and More Comics!

So I had a busy last couple days. I think I had more social interaction in the past three days than I normally have all month. That's kinda sad. Anyways, after the NYC Comics Jam and the Drink and Draw Like a Lady on Friday, I went to MoCCA Fest bright and early on Saturday. I was able to pick up some really cool stuff, but unfortunately I didn't have as much money to spend as last year, So I wasn't able to buy everything I wanted.

The cool stuff I bought. Comics, art books, prints and cool batman and Sherlock Holmes stickers!

Some cool postcards and business cards I picked up. I spent a long time going through all these plus many more that aren't pictured and visiting the artist's websites and subscribing to some of their blogs and Tumblrs.

Sunday night I went to check out The Breathing Light, a band featuring guitars and vocals from an old buddy of mine from high school. I had an awesome time and got to hear some other cool bands as well.

Some blurry pics from the show.

Also, while wandering around Greenpoint I stumbled upon a box of free books on the curb. I decided to dig through it to see if there was anything good. I found this interesting looking comic by Kevin Huizenga.

That book I just mentioned!

BONUS! Since we are on the topic of comics, I decided to post some never before posted journal comics from last year. This is actually the first time I've gone back and looked at them since I inked them. Some of them are actually kind of funny, so look forward to seeing a couple more of these in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy!

(Warning cartoon booby)

(Unfortunately this comic is no longer relevant as it is no longer the drunkest I've ever been.)

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