Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Sketchy Magee Bites the Dust

 Due to some unforeseen circumstances*, several pages fell out of the back of most recent sketchbook. Because of this, I'm technically finished with another sketchbook! It's actually embarrassing how long it has taken to fill it's hundred something pages. I started it back in September 2010, you do the math (I did the math in my head, it's too fucking long). Anyways, without further ado, here are some sketches from the past year and however many months.

 I drew some boys...

and girls.

I drew some comics.

Some for myself...

and some for other people.

I drew naked men...

and women (of course).

I also drew lots of other junk.

You may have noticed a faint light line going through most of these drawings, that is because my scanner is on it's way out. I've had it for only about five years, but I guess it's had enough. I'll have to get another one soon, when I have enough money.

So, I'm currently working in three other sketchbooks (my new regular sized one, a small travel one, and one strictly for comics), and will update as those ones finish, whenever that is. The new one I started was given to me by a coworker and is a little shorter than my usual sketch books, only 70 pages. So, hopefully it'll be filled before a year has passed. Anyways, that's it. I'm taking some time this week to ink some of the comics I drew earlier in the year, so I'll be posting those soon.


*Pages falling out most likely from bending the spine too much, throwing the book across the room, and other such punishment taken during the past year and some months.

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