Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 So I recently participated in a comics exchange hosted by the website reddit.com. Not sure if any of yous guys are familiar with the website, but their gift exchange program recently won a Guiness Book of World Records award for largest world wide secret santa exchange. Anyways, along with doing the secret santa exchange they also host a slew of other themed gift exchanges. Now back to my story. For my gift exchange match I decided to draw them a comic along with the comics that I sent that for them to read. Below is a snippet of the comic I sent to the person who just so happened to also live in NYC. 

Since I am talking about comics I thought I might just post the little daily comic I drew today. I said before that back in July I restarted drawing a daily journal comic. I have no intention of posting them with any kind of regularity. I just wanted to post this one today.

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