Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goodbye Sketchy Magee 3

Last week I finally finished filling up Sketchy Magee 3. And today I will give it the formal farewell it deserves. It took me a little over a year to fill it's 176 pages, which is a long time, but to be fair I also filled up one and a half moleskins while working in SM3. Anyways, enough making excuses let's get to the scribblings.

This book was especially cool to me because it chronicles my time from graduation,

to when I start interning at WMS gaming,

to when I become unemployed again.

But it's got other cool stuff too, like these drawings of me as a child, a teen, and now.

It's got can-can dancers!

Oooo, a sleeping lion.

Batman inspired art.

And this chick sticking her tongue.

Sketchy Magee 3 also has a bunch of drawings of naked chicks, but this is a family blog.

Oh who am I kidding! If yous guys really wanna see scribbles of naked chicks, here ya go.

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