Monday, May 10, 2010


I can't wait for Chicago to warm up. I wanna go lay on the beach. Here's a little something I did while waiting for spring to turn into summer.

Also, notice that it has my name and the year at the bottom. My mother always told me to write my name and the date on every picture I draw and I almost always forget. I'm gonna try better to remember from now on. I promise, promise.

Anyways, enjoy!


Arlen said...

I need to get my eyes checked. I started to type out a comment about how blue hair wasn't realistic, but then realized it was some sort of swimming cap.

Also, nice job on the clouds. We should do a beach day when it warms up! Tiffany and I found this cool bird sanctuary area near the beach where it'd be cool to do a picnic.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the comment.

Indeed, we definitely need to go to the beach again. I'm just waiting for it to be warm and sunny, so I can go lay out and get my summer tan going. I've been over by that bird sanctuary before it's really nice.

Arlen said...

Damn, we thought we discovered it! All right, I'll be checking the forecasts for hot weather.