Monday, September 22, 2008


So, I suppose I should explain. I have this awesome cartooning class this semester. I am learning so much. I have never really gotten into drawing comics, even though it is very similar to doing storyboards. I signed up for this class thinking it was going to focus on drawing style, but it is really about sequential art and framing and posing and all of that good stuff that makes animation so great! So, I am actually quite glad that it was not what I expected. Anyway, this week’s assignment has to do with journal comics, but the focus is on the place instead of on a specific character’s life.

Here is one I did about the apartment in which I am living. I hope my roommates are not offended by it.
More comics soon. So, stay tuned...


JZ2487 said...

Well, its just to close up but ami's arm looks like someone bit into it twice. I know they are tattoos. Also, are these panels supposed to be real time b/c if you look at the couch in 2 & 3 the cat is missing. Overall though each of your roomates looks really good.

GariBaldi said...

HA HA You've really captured my hair...and pugnacious glares. My only thought is that you should've drawn Ami as The Count!